Interview 1

Yash Ubale

Hi! I am Yash Ubale from IIT Ropar. My first exposure to Japanese culture was anime. However, I had heard quite a lot about Japan and Japanese culture from my parents even before Webstaff approached my institute for the internship. A small sized country, prone to earthquakes and natural calamities still manages to redeem itself, be one of the top notch developed countries and at the same time excels in technology, research and sports. Without any reluctance and hesitation I applied for the interview process and got selected.

Life In Japan

I had warm and delightful experiences in Japan. Seeing people eat all the weird things fascinated me to try variety of things out. When I first met the people at my office, I was startled to see that I was the youngest one in not only my team but the entire office.. However, my colleagues were very amiable which was great since I am slightly extrovert and always willing to be in a company of people. They taught me Japanese language, told me about their culture and took me around the city. They also helped me in my personal problems which I faced during my stay.
The organization of the local life, infrastructure and a perfect blend of hospitality & tourism are things I loved the most about Japan. People are very generous and helpful especially to foreigners.
I am impressed by the amount of efforts people put in in their work. It’s the thing that I would love to see in India.

Project details and result

I primarily worked on images. My first task was to develop an application which could identify the baseball player in the photo. I didn’t follow baseball at all before that, but because of the project I got to know a lot about the game. The flow of the project was to find out whether the photo is of a player or not, then to find out what kind of player he is; if he is a pitcher whether he pitches the ball with left hand or right hand, which team he belongs to, what’s his jersey number…etc. I faced many difficulties while working on this project. Even though I wasn’t able to fulfill some of the required tasks I gave my best shot and didn’t give up which my colleagues really liked.
My biggest achievement was designing the basic framework of the classification model using machine learning and deep learning and getting as good results as possible.

Advice to future interns

I think students who are willing to work here should primarily focus on understanding the problem and devising a proper working methodology. It doesn’t matter if you don’t get the expected results and have put enough efforts in it. Keep working; seek help if you face any bugs. Do smart work and let your ego fade out because sometimes it’s just better to ask for help rather than hitting hard for days and trying to do it on our own. Focusing on one particular subject is not something I would suggest; rather it depends highly on the type of work you are assigned for. Be aware of trending technologies and stay in touch with things you love to do.


Interview 2

Ajeet Ujjwal

Hello! My name is Ajeet Ujjwal. I studied computer science at IIT Jodhpur.
I applied for Webstaff internship because I was really interested in exploring Japanese culture and places. I had heard a lot about how hard working and punctual Japanese people are. It was exciting for me to see myself in that kind of environment.

 Life In Japan

In Japan I made many good friends and explored a lot of places. Most of the weekends I used to travel and visit new places with other IIT interns or co-workers. I used to have lunch outside but mostly cook breakfast and dinner by myself. I tried various Japanese dishes including Shabu Shabu.
During my stay, I learned about basic office culture in Japan and some phrases of Japanese Language. Everybody at office was friendly. I had lunch together with other employees most of the times.

Project details

I was given several web applications to work on like a) Library Management System, b) online programming tests c) Implementation of email and customer query system and server configuration, etc.
My project included Java, Xhtml, JavaDB, Glassfish. I worked on Minimax Algorithm, and Artificial Intelligence. I implemented web applications in Java. I also worked on Image Processing in Java, Prime Faces, Java Server Faces and server configuration and security using SSL.
My biggest achievement was working on things which are challenging to make in Java; like Artificially Intelligent BOT or Semantic analyzer which will detect vulgar or offensive posts posted by a user.

Advice to future Interns

For selection in final interview focus on 2 or 3 challenging projects that you have done so far and focus on your strengths.
I really enjoyed my 2 months here in Japan. I will suggest you all to work hard and enjoy the amazing experiences of Japanese culture. Make lot of friends, build good work relations and explore as many places as you can.


Interview 3

Jatin Garg

Hi, my name is Jatin Garg. I am a computer science student from IIT Ropar. I was always interested in experiencing the unique Japanese culture after watching anime.

Life In Japan

There is so much to explore and experience in Japan! Japan has a very rich culture but the best aspects of Japan I would say are the people. They are the sweetest and most dedicated people that I know. One might find it difficult to interact with them without knowing Japanese, but if you can get to know them better, you will surely like them. Also sweets in Japan are the best.

Project and Result

My internship was on AI and Machine Learning. The company had very good and advanced projects. My project was creating an RPA without accessing the operating system, using a separate hardware bot accessing the HDMI and USB ports. My job was to create software modules for that.
My biggest achievement was providing 2 solutions for patent robot to recognize pointer and keyboard input and reproduce the same automatically.

Advice to future Interns

Keep an open mind, be punctual and interact with your team as much as you can. Many Japanese companies focus on different kinds automation so the subjects one should focus on are image processing and machine learning, these are skills separate from programming that are prerequisite for innovation today.
Definitely try Japanese sweets!


Interview 4

Shubham Jain

Hello! My name is Shubham Jain. I am a Computer Science student from IIT Jodhpur. I have always been a fan of Japanese animation and was very curious about knowing the Japanese culture.

Life in Japan

The two months that I spent in Japan were one of the best learning experiences for me. We were given food and travel allowances which were sufficient enough to meet our basic food and commuting needs. The fact that you need to make your own food while going to work each day makes you quite disciplined in life. As I am a vegetarian, Japanese people were very careful of taking me to places having vegetarian options. My office was in Yokohama (around 40 kms from Tokyo) so I spent weekends exploring the different places in Tokyo. I loved the different festivals held at Yoyogi Park on the weekends and the baseball match that I went with my colleagues.
Japanese people are quite docile and shy in their approach towards everything but are really helpful. The timing system in Japan is really good and I like the fact that the people here are always on time and expect you to be on time too. I have become more disciplined in these two months and definitely feel that this change should remain.

Project details

I worked on two projects. First one was to supplant Event Hubs with IoT Hubs in one of their ongoing systems which facilitated per device monitoring for their hardware systems installed at various places in Japan. In this project I developed an interactive server side application, incorporating two way communications between client and server and visualized pharmaceutical data using Azure Power BI.
The second project involved the improvement of their current mobile-app. I implemented the features of Face detection and Location filter using Google face API and universal loader library which considerably reduced the image searching time in the application.
During my internship I understood the concept work breakdown system (WBS), popularly followed in Japan. Learnt and improved my skills in the different phases of development i.e. Requirement Specification, Design Specification and implementation.

Advice to future Interns

For vegetarians, do learn to cook before you come to Japan and do take a fair amount of food from home. Keep an offline translator in your smartphone and learn some basic Japanese words as many people cannot speak English. Go with an open mind to learn and to adapt to the culture of Japan, you will enjoy every moment there.


Interview 5

Shirsendu Halder

Hi! I am Shirsendu. I studied Computer Science at IIT-Roorkee. Before the internship I was familiar with bits and parts of Japanese culture mostly due to watching animes. I was very happy when I got selected as I have always wanted to try authentic Japanese food like sushi, ramen, teriyaki, etc.

Life in Japan

I was mesmerized by the architecture of the castles and the temples in Japan. The traditional Japanese ‘kimono’ also caught my interest. I was optimistic of spotting a ninja and a geisha. (I saw geisha but there were no ninjas) I was really interested in Japanese music and discovered a few famous bands.
I liked the overall standard of life in Japan. The architecture of buildings felt so much better when I saw them with my naked eyes. I also loved the bakery products of 24 hours convenience stores. I had no issue regarding food unlike many Indians who are vegetarians and in fact I loved Japanese cuisines except sushi. I was really surprised by the amount of discipline and code of conduct that people followed here. Everything happened according to the rules and on time. It took me a little time to adjust to that way of lifestyle and I learnt a lot from it.
Work culture in Japan in very organized and disciplined. There are general body meetings every week to discuss the on goings of the company. People are very punctual and give time the utmost importance. I don’t think people in Indian business culture are as punctual.

Project details and result

My project was making a fully-functional automatic chat application that enabled point-to-point as well as multicast conversations (groups). I wrote the front-end, back-end and also was responsible for the database management. I used LAMP stack for the development.
I was able to complete this project successfully before the stipulated time. Making a real time chat application was really challenging. I learnt a lot of things. Every skillset has been polished.

Advice to future Interns

My first advice would be to the set of people who are vegetarians. I would urge you to learn how to cook. Also carry a fair amount of ready-to-eat Indian food. It will ensure a smooth transition.
It would be really helpful if you possess some basic Japanese conversational skills. Do not forget to download the Japanese package in Google Translator.


Interview 6

Anurag Dhingra

Hello! I am Anurag Dhingra, student of Chemical Engineering at IIT Roorkee.
Right from childhood, from Pokemon to Dragon Ball Z, Japan has always been close to my heart. I have always admired their work culture and sincerity towards whatever they do. Being the third largest economy in the world, Japan surely had a lot to offer for me to learn and grow during the entire summer intern period.

Life in Japan

Personally what I felt about Japan is that it’s one of the best countries to visit while you are in your 20s as they have the weirdest stuff all around the globe. From amazing food menus (150+ flavors of kit kats, yes! not kidding!), heart-stopping roller coasters and theme parks, to an entire part of the city dedicated to anime, Japan has it all.
The accommodation provided was one of most amazing part of the entire two months. It was one of the most posh locations of Tokyo with free facility of breakfast, gym, spa and a morning cab service. The view of the Tokyo skyline from the room was literally beyond words. Each day was equally exciting as we got to try new Japanese restaurants every day. Japanese food is amazing, Udon (thick noodles) being my favourite. With cruise parties all around Tokyo theme parks to visiting the traditional Japanese shrines and the breathtaking fireworks shows, the two months were more like the cliché “best days of my life.”
The work environment that I experienced working here is exactly opposite to what I imagined it to be, with flexible working hours, existence of a music room and no formals, etc. I am just in love with the whole idea of Japanese work culture to have open desk work environments rather than having different cabins for executives. This helps the employees to get in touch with their seniors whenever they want, no appointments unlike in most of the big companies back in India. I sat beside my two mentors and that made it really easy for me to reach out to them for any doubts and queries I had.

Project details and result

I interned at a software development firm which takes up the role of a strategic development partner to plan, design and develop web and app solutions.
For the first 3 weeks I was responsible to develop an in house application using the Google Spreadsheet API to manage all the data from several spreadsheets via a common app and the rest of 6 weeks were spent working on a C2C e-commerce app.
After these 2 months, I was really confident working with some best server-side technologies and even learnt how large-scale applications are built or managed.
Improving the algorithm, restructuring the entire app from scratch and making the app two times faster was one of my biggest achievements for this project.

Advice to future interns

Webstaff generally recruits students mainly in two fields Software Development and Data Science. So, if either one of this interests you, it’s one of the best intern experiences out there. I recommend you to maintain a good github profile with good projects in whichever tech stack/frameworks you love, as it supported me a lot during the final interview. Do contact your seniors who previously interned with Webstaff as it helps a lot too and lastly be confident and be yourself.


Interview 7

Himanshu Tolani

Hi! I am Himanshu from IIT-Ropar.
Like every other college student, my first contact with Japanese culture was through anime. Before my visit to Japan I was really curious about the sea food, beverages there like tea and coffee; since I had heard a lot about Japanese coffee, and of course Japan as a country. I knew Japan as a technologically advanced country. I always wanted to experience an earthquake as they are very common there but unfortunately it never happened during my stay.

Life In Japan

Punctuality and hard work are the two best qualities that every country must imbibe from Japan. In Japan everyone used to be on time wherever you went. Nobody skipped their work hours. Everyone was also very hard working, kind and humble and very helpful. People in my office were really good they took me to a lot places like Mt. Fuji, Baseball arena etc. I also appreciate that they invited me to Indian restaurants and tried spicy Indian cuisine. On my part, I tried various Japanese foods my colleagues suggested, and that was quite an experience!

Project details and result

My project involved website and android application for Business Card Scanning for internal use of companies’ employees. My role involved backend and frontend development.
I understood concepts of Software Engineering in depth, combining frontend and backend layers, details of languages and their features and security concerns. I also learned to solve very difficult bugs using the internet. Through the internship experience, I also realized that requirements and their solutions differ in the real-world as compared to the college projects.

Advice to future interns

It is good if you learn basic Japanese that would really help you in your conversations.
For vegetarians you should learn to cook basic meal and also carry some ready to eat packs, but do try Japanese food. I would suggest ramen, monza, okonomiaki, etc.


Interview 8

Harshit Bansal

Hello! My name is Harshit Bansal. I am Computer Science student from IIT Mandi. I had heard that Japanese people are widely known for their punctuality, cleanliness, and organization. These were the main things I wanted to check for myself when I was selected for internship in Japan, and to my surprise, every single thing was true! I hardly remember any moment when the train got delayed.
Everyone in Japan was very punctual. People take great pride in taking care of their surroundings and it’s really hard to find any litter even in crowded places.
Japan is so very well-organized and even though with all the traffic in and around Tokyo, it is so clean and well-maintained.

Life In Japan

I had one of the most memorable times of my life in Japan. The accommodation provided to us was amazing and so were the people in Japan. Weekdays were mostly spent in the office with a lunch or dinner party given to us by generous company people almost every second day. We all used to have lunch in vegetarian places because I am a vegetarian.
Weekends were fun and mostly included exploring nearby places like Enoshima Island, Shibuya, Tsukuba, Mount Fuji, Disney Sea and so much more.
Other impressive things about Japan were high-speed trains, onsen (Japanese natural hot spring baths), cheap alcohol and of course, fireworks.

Project details

Business cards are given very importance in Japanese Culture. So our goal was to do the OCR on Japanese business cards and segregate all the information and built an android and Web Application for Business Card Management along with extra features like Company Tree, Location, Calling, Memo, Tag etc. The app is live and now in use by the company.

Advice to future interns

You all are going to have a time of your life. Do try to learn a bit of Japanese and little bit of cooking before coming to Japan as it will help you a lot. Try a lot of Japanese food and never spend your entire weekend in your hotel room as there is a lot to explore!


Interview 9

Manjush Mangal

Hi. My name is Manjush Mangal. I am a computer science and engineering student from IIT Mandi.
Being a great fan of the Jaapanese Anime, I was always excited about Japan. I had read how the Japanese were so punctual, cultural and hardworking. Also, I always wanted to go to an Onsen.

Life In Japan

Those two months in Japan were probably the most exciting time of my life. I loved how they respected their cities. Everyone would hold onto their trash until they find a garbage can. Public transportation is as confusing and crowded as it can get, but it is great. Every morning from 8–9 thousands of workers would walk to their workplaces.
Vending Machines is one thing I found very useful in Japan. I would want India to have these highly efficient and secure vending machines for all sorts of things including drinks as in Japan.
Japanese food like okonomiyaki, curry, ramen, and even just white rice alongside meals are things that you just appreciate because they are so good. Most Japanese food is so refined and tasty. No offshore replica even compares to authentic food in Japan.

Project Details

My project consisted of the digitization of Japanese handwritten resumes to make them easily searchable. We were finally able to digitize over five thousand resumes. For the project, I used NLTK libraries, OpenCV image processing tools, Japanese NLP libraries, data creation through web parsing, scraping.

Advice to future interns

I feel that an average Japanese person doesn’t have much experience dealing with non-Japanese people but is probably curious about us. They will say or do things that may strike you as polite or impolite, and what you take away from that is up to your attitude. So be open, and try everything you can in this short period of two months.
For the interviews, Data Structures and Algorithms, OS, Networking as in the coursework are sufficient. Apart from that, doing various projects helps you a lot.